Updated Agreement on Cooperation Signed by Russian and Armenian SAIs
Tatyana Golikova, Chairwoman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, held a meeting with Levon Yolyan, Chairman of the Control Chamber of the Republic of Armenia.

The Head of the Russian Accounts Chamber congratulated Levon Yolyan on his appointment as the Chairman of the Armenia’s Control Chamber and wished him success in accomplishing the tasks his agency is faced with.

During the meeting, the parties highly appreciated the level of development of interagency relationships between the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) in Russia and Armenia, which have been beneficially cooperating for many years, not only bilaterally, but also within the framework of international audit organizations and the Eurasian integration processes.

At the same time, the parties were unanimous in their opinion that the new challenges of our time and the active development of interstate relationships dictate that supreme audit institutions should apply new formats of cooperation. "The dynamic progress in the political dialogue between Russia and Armenia and the increasing fields of interstate cooperation enable us to set up new areas for our cooperation," said Tatyana Golikova.

The joint audit of the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University will be one of the first steps in this direction. "The supervisory agencies of Russia and Armenia will conduct joint audit for the first time over many years. It shows a high level of openness and trust between the SAIs in our countries," Tatyana Golikova noted.

The parties also agreed to cooperate and share best practices in IT development and application. Tatyana Golikova told her colleagues about the latest IT innovations used in the activities of the Russian Accounts Chamber. The Armenian delegation showed a special interest in the information and analytical system for remote external public audit/control. They had an opportunity to explore its capabilities in more detail at a later stage, during the working meeting on the exchange of best practices in the use of information and communication technologies in auditing.

The meeting was focused on the preparation for the 23rd INCOSAI to be held in 2019 in Moscow. Tatyana Golikova thanked Levon Yolyan for the active stand of the Armenian SAI representatives who assisted the Russian Accounts Chamber to finalize the Congress agenda within the Expert Task Group. The Chairwoman of the Russian Accounts Chamber also invited her colleague to take part in the meeting of the SAI chairs involved in the preparation of the Congress agenda to be held at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

In addition, Tatyana Golikova thanked her Armenian colleagues for their active participation in the activities of INTOSAI Working Groups on Public Procurement Audit (WGPPA) and Key National Indicators (WGKNI).

Following the meeting, the parties signed an updated version of the Agreement on Cooperation between the Supreme Audit Institutions of Russia and Armenia to support the arrangements made. "This is a very significant document and it will be of crucial importance for the development of our bilateral cooperation and enable us to reach a new qualitative level of our joint work," the Chairwoman of the Russian Accounts Chamber said after the signing.
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